Anti-Irish riot in Williamsburg 1853

A Serious Riot in Williamsburg City 1853 and A Riot in Brooklyn City 1853
QUITE A RIOT TOOK PLACE on Saturday morning, about one o’clock, on the corner of Grand and First Streets, in which there were nearly one hundred and fifty persons engaged, which originated in the following manner.

1 It seems that six Irishmen were engaged in conversation on the corner of Grand and First streets, when two men, who were coming down Grand street, ran against them, when some words passing between them, the Irishmen were attacked, and being the strongest in numbers beat one of the men quite seriously. An outcry was made, when a large number of the friends of the two men came to their assistance.

The Irishmen made their escape through a half-way adjoining Peter Quinn’s porter-house, in First street. Officers McElroy, Armstrong and Sands, of the First Ward and Walsh and Bennett, of the second ward, arrived at this time, when the mob (supposing that these men had taken refuge in Quinn’s house) were battering in the doors with stones. The officers endeavored to protect the house from assault, but could not maintain their position without imminent danger of their lives. After the mob succeeded in getting the door open, stones were thrown into the room, some of them weighing ten or twelve pounds. Mrs. Quinn was struck in the left side with a stone, by which she was considerably injured. Mr. Quinn was also struck in the breast by a stone.

A large mirror standing at the back of the bar, and considerable glass, were also broken. At this time Mr. Quinn discharged a gun, when the mob made another rush for the door with knives, cart rungs and stones, but were kept in check by the Policemen, who stood in front of the doorway, determined to keep them back: and Captain Hunt of the Second Ward, arriving with a posse of Policemen, put an end to the disturbance, and probably prevented the loss of life, as the persons in the house were armed with four muskets, having bayonets upon them, and were determined to defend themselves in case the mob gained admittance. Officer Armstrong was struck upon the shoulder with a cart-rung, and Officer McElroy received a blow from a stone, but luckily escaped without injury.

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