Murphy’s on Calyer

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The bar on Calyer dates from some time around 1880. It is a gem of an old Irish bar that is still known to many locals as Murphys. The New York Times did an article on it, but they did not mention that even into the 1980’s the bar did not serve women in the front. There is still a divider that marked the woman’s side of the bar.

One thought on “Murphy’s on Calyer

  1. I just found out that Calyer Street was supposed to be named P Street…ie with the layout of
    the grid in 1850…but they never got around to naming it and called it Calyer St. instead.. Unrelated to this there was a bucket of blood bar on norman and kinglands ave (still standing with different name) near where there was a foundry with mainly black workers who use to drink and cash their checks…It was referred this with the UN PC name N. Bills.

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