Temperance Movement in Greenpoint

Hi gentle readers,

Greenpoint these days is noted for its many bars, but a hundred and fifty years ago temperance was a huge cause in the area. There was a Temperance Hall on the Corner of Greenpoint and Franklin and there were several hundred people who were active in the Temperance Movement locally. I cam across this story of a big temperance rally in the New York Times in 1864.

NEW TEMPERANCE ORGANIZATION. — An assemblage of about 3,000 persons was gathered yesterday afternoon at the corner of Union-avenue and India-street, Greenpoint, to witness the inauguration services of Father Mathew T.A.B. Society No. 6. The society was organized on Monday evening last, and numbers ninety members. A procession half a mile long, with bands and banners, paraded the streets, and speeches and singing were had at the open air stand. The following gentlemen briefly addressed the throng: George J. Campbell and Christopher Stalvey, of Greenpoint; Isaac Marsland, Ira Buckman, D.A. Sutton, of Brooklyn; John McGrath, James Bagley, Robert Wilson, and Messrs. Dickinson and Kearney, of New-York. The temperance cause has recently been strongly reinforced in Brooklyn, E.D.

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